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Introduce yourself to the Sama Community!

Sama’s Community boasts over 3000+ Neutrals and Case Managers. If you’re new around here, make sure you drop an introduction below. This is also where those attempting the course are to make their introductions as part of the assessment.

Here are some handy tips for making a strong intro -

:one: Tell us your full name and your nickname at home!
:two: What are you currently doing? (ex: Studying, Working at Law Chambers etc)
:three: Share something fun! It could be why you’re at Sama, or your favorite song, your favorite movie, the stranger the better :star_struck:

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Hello every one
My name is Swati Verma from Ghaziabad, working as an Advocate and a trained Mediator with SAMA since 2018.
I joined SAMA to learn new way of resolving cases through online platform.

Joining SAMA was just like dream come true for me to work as Mediator.It is long journey for me to be part of SAMA.
I was amongst Top 10 Mediator on SAMA suljhao manch, what a superb feeling .
I am not a new member but just completed SAMA Cohort course and gained more knowledge on the Areas where more brushing was needed as to work as Arbitrator on SAMA platform.
I wish SAMA keep growing and touches the sky.
Good luck to all of us

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Prajwal Dharwa aka Nanu (My family members call me by this name ). I have recently completed my B.B.A.LL.B(Hons) from Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal . I am currently working at a law chamber. I have been associated with sama since last 1 yr it has helped me to understand the concept of ODR in depth. I like to spend my free time by playing guitar and listening to music.

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Hi, I am Iram, I won’t say that I am super new. But yeah in a way, may be a fresher :sweat_smile:.
I have recently(month back) answered my final exams for LLB degree & I am eagerly awaiting those results. I have applying for jobs but have unfortunately, not found any. I came across Sama while simply scrolling through Linked In and joined it as a case manager for Maharashtra Lok Adalat. The work as a case manager was unique, challenging yet a very fulfilling one. Hopefully, i will get another chance to work with you all.

Thank you for reading

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I am Pradeep Reddy. I am an Arbitrator and also a counsel in several cases. I am based in Hyderabad. I balance my life with part family / friends, part social and part professional. I also provide training regularly in several forums on topics related to ADR, Contracts and related topics.

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Hello every one,
My name is Hitesh Dave from Mumbai, am a mediator/advocate. Started my journey with SAMA as core manager/case manager for delhi lokadalat and then as a neutral for Udaan and ICICI matters as well a for Maharashtra online lok adalat.
Prior to Law i have been working as a corporate professional in Real estate, Pharma, Entertainment, logistics, SME with short stints in banking and nbfc.
As a legal professional am dedicated to promoting alternate dispute resolution as the preferred option for dispute resolution and look forward to contributing to SAMA’s growth in its vision for effective and efficient justice delivery system.
Along with being a neutral (Mediator and Arbitrator), i look forward to working with SAMA for guiding, training and supporting the case managers.
Pleasure to be connected to all.

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My name is Manohar Samal and I am an Advocate based from the city of Mumbai. I have joined SAMA to provide quality services as a Neutral. I am also empanelled with the Centre for Online Resolution of Disputes (CORD) and have prior experience of providing services as a Neutral in ODR. I look forward in building constructive relationships with the SAMA Community!

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Hello…everyone ,I am Ayush Gupta from Satna (M.P.).
I am the student of law and studying at Rani Durgawati University,Jabalpur .This is the first time ,I am working in this platform where people form different regions were working to get knowledge in matters of arbitration and mediation.And I am also here for the same…

Hello, my name is Vishal Subhas, and I’m 30 years old. I’m an ADR consultant, mediator, and negotiator in Chennai and Bangalore.
In the last one to two years, I have used mediation and negotiation to settle more than 25 high-value real estate and loan default disputes.
I can speak English , Tamil & Malayalam… (I am also learning Hindi)
I’m really excited to start at SAMA. Sama is doing a great job by making sure that everyone can use odr to get justice. I will be very proud to be a part of such a good cause.

Suljaao Magar Pyaar se.

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Greetings!! I am Vinod Kumar Agarwal (Aged 61) from Mumbai. I am an Non-Lawyer Arbitrator. I have a background of 40 Years in Business experience. I also have litigation experience in Civil and NPA matters at Co-operative Courts , Debt recovery Tribunal and Bombay High Court. I am also an AstroAdvisor and LifeCoach. My language reach is in English and Hindi. Speaking knowledge in Marathi and can understand spoken Gujarati. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin. My Sun Sign is Libra and Rising Sign Capricorn. I am happy to be in the SAMA Community Forum and looking forward to exchange thoughts and ideas. “Fighting Fires without Burning Bridges”.

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Greetings to all. I am Wg Cdr T R Mohan aka Mohan, a veteran of Indian Air Force. I am 61 years old. I am an Advocate and practice in the field of IPR. I am a registered Patent and Trademark Agent. I stay in Chennai.I prematurely came out of Indian Air Force in 2010 and worked in an IT Company for a period of two years and further had short tenures in different industries before finally becoming an Advocate in 2015. I became a Patent Agent in 2022. I got my professional training in Arbitration from IIAM in 2020 and Mediation from ADR ODR International, UK in 2021 and completed WIPO conducted Advanced Arbitration and Mediation Procedure under the WIPO rules in 2022 and now completed and been certified sama Online Dispute Resolution(ODR) Professional today. I have my website which you may search on google. Please visit to know more. I am happy to be joining the sama family as I believe ODR is a great way forward to resolving disputes. I hope to become a useful member of sama and learn from this forum to become a better professional day by day. Thank you and Regards. Jai Hind.

Hello fellow Travellers,

‘Manoj Arora’ is my given name and I live in Mumbai. With 20 years of HR experience and the recently completed LL.M in Dispute Resolution from JGLS, Sonipat; followed by local & international accreditations in Mediation and also some certifications in Arbitration & Mediation from WIPO, IDCR; I intend to begin a new phase of my professional journey in ADR with SAMA, become a successful ADR professional to be able to contribute in ‘making this world a peaceful place to live’.

I hope to learn from, grow and contribute to this SAMA ADR community starting with some fruitful interactions with some of you.


Hello Everyone!!

My name is Shilpa Chaudhury and my nick name is Sonu :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I am a lawyer from Bangalore with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights. I am currently working in a law firm called Saga Legal!!

Here in SAMA to learn more about ODR!! I am a BIGGG Potterhead. I have read Harry Potter for 7 times :grin:

GLAD and EXCITED to be here!!!

Hi everyone!

I am Brunda, a lawyer and a trained mediator. I recently attended the ODR Forum in Bangalore, and met quite a few ODR enthusiasts, including those from SAMA. I am truly impressed by the kind of work SAMA is doing in the ODR space in India. I have always believed in ADR, and want to contribute to this online justice movement.

Hello one and all!

Ashay Kaushik, Adv. this side. You may call me Ashay, Akshay, Asahay or any permutation and combination of them- I won’t mind.

It feels nice to re-link with SAMA. I hope to meet many new infectious souls here. Currently, I’m practicing before the Delhi High Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. When not sweating in Courts, I enjoy watching theater, swimming and learning anything new.

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Hello everyone!

I am Khyati, a dispute resolution lawyer currently working with a law firm in Mumbai. I hail from Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh.

I have worked with SAMA as a core case manager in initial Lok Adalats which it organized in Delhi and Rajasthan. It always feels great to work with this revolutionary organisation, meet like-minded people, share a common vision and be a part of this powerful community.

Looking forward to working together, bringing change, making friends, creating memories and talking about food and travel.

Hello Friends… My Name is Amit Nikam. I am an Advocate Practicing in Mumbai. It is pleasure to be the part of SAMA community. I am keen to work on the Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism. I feel that online dispute resolution is the future of our country, as it saves both time and money of the litigants. There is time bound disposal of cases and most important the physical presence of parties is exempted. I thank SAMA team for the building such an amazing mechanism.

My name is Ayush Johri. I am an independent legal practitioner, trained Arbitrator, mediator and conciliator based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am associated with SAMA because I believe it is an innovative concept of resolving disputes online. My hobbies are yoga, meditation and kick boxing. I wish all the best to team sama. It has been an enriching learning experience where we get opportunity to hone our skills and add value to our experience. Looking forward to learn, grow and contribute with the SAMA ODR team.

Hi. I am Dr. Pratima Narayan. I am a lawyer, trained mediator, and co-founder of Techlawlogi Consulting LLP. I am based out of Bangalore. I also conduct training and workshops in the area of ADR. I love music and travel.

I am Sumesh Antony and known as sumesh amongst friends and family. I am an advocate and practise law. I am also a military veteran and have served in the armed forces. I feel that ODR is the future of dispute resolution especially in India. I have been following SAMA and happened to meet up with the founders in Kochi and was very impressed by their vision and undoubtedly their enthusiasm.