New Member Introductions!

Hello everyone in the Sama Community!

My name is Suhani Dhariwal, but you can call me Rani—my nickname at home. I’m thrilled to join this vibrant community as a newcomer. Recently, I completed my BA.LLB(Hons.) degree, and I’m eager to dive into the world of online dispute resolution (ODR) and learn from the professionals here at Sama.
In addition to my legal pursuits, I am also a content-writing freelancer. It’s a creative outlet that allows me to express my thoughts and connect with different audiences. But here’s something fun—I have a secret talent for making people laugh! Whether it’s cracking a witty joke or finding humor in everyday situations.
What attracted me to Sama is the opportunity to explore innovative ways of resolving disputes and making justice more accessible. As I embark on this journey, I am excited to learn from all of you and contribute to the growth of this community. And, just to keep things interesting, my favorite song changes every week! Currently, I’m hooked on ‘Favourite T-shirt’ by Jake Scott.

Thank you for welcoming me into the Sama Community, and I can’t wait to embark on this exciting adventure together!

Best regards,
Rani (Suhani Dhariwal)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sidhant Prashant, I’m currently a second-year law student at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) and I am currently residing in Bengaluru, Karnataka. I joined Sama in 2023 and have just completed my course in Online Dispute Resolution with Sama to get certified as a case manager.

I was introduced to the concept of ODR by the folks at Sama and the course gives a very detailed outline of the ideas and visions that Sama sets out to achieve which inspired me to pursue this field. I am extremely delighted to be a part of the Sama community and am extremely enthusiastic and excited to be working in the field of ODR. I hope to see Sama achieve its vision and keep growing. Good luck to everyone on the forum!

Thank you!

Hello everyone!

I am Pitamber Yadav and I am an advocate based out of Gurgaon. I am a certified mediator and arbitrator. I have joined SAMA in 2023 after completing the Course on Online Dispute Resolution. I am delighted to be a part of SAMA community and I look forward to working with you all.

Thanks and Regards,

Pitamber Yadav