Roles and Responsibilities of a Case Manager | Maharashtra Lok Adalat | Module 1

  1. Each case manager will be allocated with one Core Manager, with whom he/she will be managing cases.

  2. Each case manager will be provided with a cause list (Nature of dispute, Name of the parties- Claimant & Respondent, Contact Details) by MSLSA in his/her case management (CM) system on the SAMA platform. The said cause list will contain the name of the Panel Member along with the schedule of the session i.e., the time and date on which the pre counselling session will take place. Your username and password will be provided by Sama Team.

  3. Managing cases involves-

PART I - Inviting Parties for Conciliation

3.1) Sending an invitation to the respondent to participate in the Lok Adalat on email, message & whatsapp. ( Case Manager Portal will have the details)

3.2) If the respondent does not provide consent over email/message/whatsapp, the Case Manager will have to call the respondent and explain to him/her the benefits of taking part in the Online Lok Adalat.

3.3) If the other party consents, the case manager has to record the consent on the Sama Portal in the form of case update.

3.4) After calling the parties and getting the confirmation with regards to their participation in the Online Lok Adalat, the Case Manager will be responsible for end to end coordination.

PART II - Co-ordination with Parties during Lok Adalat

3.5) On the day of the specific case, the case manager will give a minimum of 2 reminders to each party that their matter is scheduled for that specific day.

3.6) Pre-Counselling Session- Generate the Sama Video Conferencing (VC) Link through which parties can communicate with each other, or if VC is not possible, take all parties on a conference call or other video conferencing platforms. These sessions are generally for 60 minutes. Case Managers will be provided with a technical session by Sama, on how to use Sama video call.

3.7) Assist the Judge/ Sama Mediator during the discussion, and make notes. Ensure you do not interfere in the merits of the discussion.

3.8) If the parties reach an agreement during the pre-counselling session, the Judge/Sama Mediators will record it in the Lok Adalat Award and upload it on the SAMA platform which you can access from your Case Management Portal. Alternatively, The Stenographer or the Mediator can also send the same to your email ID.

PART III - Post Lok Adalat Proceedings

3.9) The case manager will trigger an e-signature. Once the parties e-sign the document, the final signed award needs to be uploaded on the Case Manager Portal. In case the Ld. Court is sending the award to you over email then send the same to them on their e-mail ID after the e-signature.

3.10) If there is a lack of clarity in a particular case on whether pre-counselling was conducted, kindly reach out to the stenographer or panel member to clarify, and update the status accordingly.

PART IV - Surveys and Feedback Process

3.11) Share feedback forms with the parties where they will provide a rating on the scale of 1 to 5 to the online Lok Adalat covering the process, satisfaction with settlement agreement and the Case Manager.

3.12) The Case Manager’s responsibility will be extended till 15th May, 2022. Since the World Bank is partnering with SAMA for this Lok Adalat so as to observe the working of Lok Adalat in India, the Case Manager has to assist them and furnish all the necessary details as per required in completing their survey.