New Case Managers | Welcome!

Hiya all you new case managers working on this Online Lok Adalat! :wave:

On this thread, you can introduce yourself + tell us a little bit about you + share one MUST-watch movie recommendation :clapper:

I’ll start! My name is Paul, I am very fond of learning the roots of words and the history behind how they came to be, & a movie you absolutely cannot miss in my opinion is Casablanca :hearts:

Your turn! Reply below :arrow_down:

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Hi Paul,

My name is Ajitesh Priyadarshi, I love watching movies, Web series and reading novels. One web series i would like to recommend is Panchayat.

Would love to hear from all of our Case Managers :slight_smile:

Suljhao Magar pyaar se

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Hey Paul,

This is Sayani Gupta. I really love watching films, dancing and importantly I love having and making different cuisines. One of the best films that I would suggest -Shawshank Redemption.

Thank you to have me on this platform. Its been a great pleasure to work for SAMA for past 2 years.

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Hey Paul,

My name is Yashi Agarwal, I used my sphere time by reading books playing sports, and doodling. Also, I’m not fond of watching many series and movies. But till now the movies I watched I’ll recommend “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas”, it is based on history.