Maharashtra Online Lok Adalat - Highlights from the Sama community voices

Who would have thought, our Lok Adalats would now take on a new avatar holding hands with technology. And we are so glad Sama was given the honour of playing that role as a technology partner to the Maharashtra Online Lok Adalat held on March 12th, 2022.

But this is our 9th lok adalat, so why was this one a little more special?

How can we contain our excitement when our very own community of Sama neutrals were given the opportunity to settle cases and OH MY GOD, they just did such an incredible job. Sama Case managers being the backbone in all our past Lok adalats, came through once again working in harmony with parties, the MSLSA district secretaries and our Sama neutrals!

Take a look at this report and look at the little piece of access to justice we all played a magnificent role in!

We all have been sharing stories of our highlights of this journey but let’s come together and share it here so we can all celebrate together. Immense respect for each and every person that made this a success.

Share your top memory or what you feel about having helped the state of Maharashtra resolve 1.4 million cases!!


To be part of MSLSA has given me immense pleasure because I have seen how with the help of our supertech platform we have given happiness, feeling of satisfaction to the parties.
Who got their cases resolved with in 2 minutes, This can only Happen on SAMA platform. In my view SAMA is trying its best to reach to people so that they can get Justice just with in seconds and in one click.
I really enjoy working on this Portal and for me it’s feeling of Proud to be part of SAMA.

A big big thanks wishes for the entire team of SAMA specially Ajitesh, Jishnu, Paul, Anilesh Sir and All Case Managers,Core Managers who worked day and night to get this done a grand success of MSLSA is because of these people and our tech team Vikram and all others who have designed our sophasticated SAMA portal which is a place to work with excitement and enjoy as a neutral which I do.

Congratulations hip hip hurray to all young SAMA team keep rocking and we will definitely bring change in our Justice delivery system with our tag line Suljhao Magar Pyar Se…

Good luck to All


Third Online Lok Adalat in Maharashtra has been significant as the number of Cases being filed was insane and the team had no experience of handling this much amount of work, but the Impressive work done by all the Case Managers, Core Managers and Mediators has resulted in the highest number of settlements. This shows that everyone took the charge and pushed the access to justice movement forward.

I can’t even imagine this Lok Adalat without these people. Everyone who had been with us has shown an exceptional dedication towards this Cause.

Thanks to the tech team who has always been there at the last hour. A huge shout out to Pushpendu Ghosh & Sayak Mukherjee :slight_smile:


Thank you MSLSA and SAMA for making me part of this journey.Special thanks to Anilesh sir ,Ajithesh and Gopalaskrishnan sir.The most vital part of the entire process was the reppo created by the case managers with the parties.I could hear many parties mentioning during the mediation that it was only through case managers they got a better idea about the issues involved ,paving way to make them attempt the Amicable Dispute Resolution.A Big round of applause to all the case and core managers.Once again thank you SAMA and MSLSA for giving me this opportunity and for the great part of learning too.


Seeing the respondents evolve from an angry, aggressive individuals to a calm, rational and legally empowered citizens at the end of the conversation was definitely the highlight of my experience as a case manager.

It’s truly amazing to know that I was part of a process where I could help people access justice from the comforts of their home. This would not have been possible if not for the brilliant system created by team SAMA and the clarity of vision and mission by the founders. Once again many congratulations to everyone who played a role in making the third online Lok Adalat a huge success. May we never get tired of working towards creating harmony and delivering justice in the society.

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