E-signing and Survey Collection | Module 4

How to trigger e-sign ?


How to get the parties to e-sign the document (from the perspective of the litigants)?

What to do if the parties are not able to e-sign?

Please ask the party to see the video and try to e-sign, help them to whatever extent it is possible. If it does not work out and parties are not able to e-sign, ask the party to visit the DLSA or TLSA office to sign physically and ask them to carry a valid id proof.

What if the parties do not sign on 7th May or before 3 PM?

Case will not get settled and it will remain open in the Lok Adalat and may be sent for further legal action.

What to do once e-sign has been done?

Please share the e-signed document with the staff member from whom you have received the pdf file.

World Bank Survey is getting processed, we’ll be updating about it in the coming days.