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All you case managers have been hard at work with the Lok Adalat, making calls to all kinds of respondents across the state of Maharashtra and even beyond. You have been instrumental in many people accessing justice from the comfort of their homes! It may feel like a small step but it really is a far cry from the old days where justice would reside only within distant courts.

There are certainly some amazing case stories from your experiences with parties and we would love to hear them. In fact, this time around, we will be giving the winner of this contest 1000 rupees!


1st place: 1000 rupees + Sama goodies

2nd place: 500 rupees + Sama goodies

3rd place: Sama goodies

How to Enter:

Write your story as a reply to this post. That’s it! Remember to not reveal any confidential details (phone number, names etc) and to be honest! The story can be as short as a tweet or a short story in itself, we leave it up to you.


  • You can have multiple entries, there is no limit on the number of entries.
  • This contest is valid till May 15.
  • There is no word limit on the story length (it can be as short or as long as you wish).
  • Submit your story only as a reply to this post.
  • You can favourite others’ stories by clicking on the heart icon.
  • The community team will pick the winners of this contest.
  • All content you post must be truthful and without revealing confidential details such as phone number, names of parties.
  • The community team reserves the right to edit a story if it violates the rules or the community guidelines.
  • Remember, these are real people, write their stories as it is and it will be powerful enough.

Share your stories below :arrow_heading_down: :grin:

Hello sir mi blah blah calling from blah blah city my challan no. Is blah and i have waganor car but got the challan of bolero kay krav sir thoda sangta ka Maharashtra mdhe मराठी is माई मराठी नमशकर मी रक्षित ढोले केस मॅनेजर म्हणून काम करत आहेत नी खुप माझ्या येती नवीन नवीन अनुभव यत्‍तेत लोकाचे आचार विचार नी आपल्‍या केडीच्‍या एमटीएनएल, ट्रॅफिक पोलिस विभाग ते कसे काम करतात हे सर्व मी पाहत आहे.

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While dealing with one of the Section 138, N.I. Act cases I came across a problem that is a news headline now. A person didn’t know how to check his challan because the site and his message details were all in English. He was most comfortable speaking Marathi and since I don’t speak it, I tried my best with some Hindi. By the end of the conversation I suggested he go to his nearest traffic sub-division and seek for help from the officials. A few days ago we read the news about a teacher committing suicide cause he did not know how to use the app his school had launched. Digitization is happening fast all across India, with this comes a lot of advantages but we are a country where less that 40 percent of the population knows english and even lesser is equipped with technology. It makes me wonder if digitization in a way is undermining the basic principles of equity in our nation.


That’s a really neat observation Upama! Making technology more inclusive is definitely something we should constantly strive for & in the Challan context, maybe the notice could have instructions for using the app in marathi as well, or a video link, thanks for pointing that out :blush:


Working as a case manager was a bit challenging in a sense as to make a few parties realise that they have a case pending; persuading a few to join for pre counselling sessions to which they have own a lot of questions and researvations regarding the same; making technologically handicapped people join the meeting. Amidst all challenges a ray of hope strikes when parties achieved what they wanted in the end- award or the date. One such case is where a lot of people were involved and had various advocates on one side. The commitment of the parties and their advocates was that they were even present in pre counselling state where they settled everything and just to finalise the settlement they waited a long on the day of lok Adalat and it was settled amicably. Similar instance was of a party to which I called and the party was not aware of their case scheduled for the lol adalat. Being technically handicapped she somehow managed to appear in front of panel, despite various technical issues. The panel was also very accommodative and helpful in assisting the party.

However an issue which I think may needs to be addressed is of privacy in E-Lok Adalats. A case of party is heard by everyone present in the meeting, which I don’t think everyone is comfortable with. This might acts as an hindrance in achieving the purpose of Lok Adalats.

Hi, to every reader
My journey as a case manager started while randomly scrolling through Linked In i cam across this opening. While previously also I indeed try to join a lit of Government internship but failed hence i was very sceptical about getting though this. Yet, to try my luck i joined. And with the same luck was selected. I was very happy but again scared since my laptop stopped working in the same day I was selected. After a lot of contemplation, and asking the incharged person a lot i finally joined the group.

Having a tech phobia it was tough to fully understand this new work I had assigned myself yet i sailed.

But the real fun began when I was asked to contact people and invite them for pre-conseling session. This was fun yet scary time as being a girl calling random number is not something we willingly like to do. Yet managed the same somehow within record time of 5hrs. There are various types of people and a glimpse of this variety I got to witness. So, thank you Sama for allowing me to be a part of such unique experience.

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Don’t know if this story fits the criteria, however still willing to share my experience as a Case Manager.

Honestly, when I signed in for the SAMA case managers, I was sceptical due to commitments and works i already had undertaken and I in no way wanted to damage my professional image. Thus whatever was the circumstance, I managed to complete all that was required.

One such experience over a call to XYZ party:
Me: Good evening, I am Akanksha from DLSA
Your X Vs. Y matter has been listed in the lok Adalat. Do you consent for a pre counselling session?
XYZ: Good Evening. Mujhe client se instructions nahi hai and client anyways won’t go for settlement. But I’ll ask and then let you know.
Me: ok Sir, kindly let me know ASAP
XYZ: ok! Aap kis se associated ho?
Me: Case Manager hu SAMA meh. ( Then i briefed him little about SAMa)
XYZ: meri wife bhi aisa kuch kar rahi hai. Mai usko aapka number dunga.
Me: ok, no problem.
XYZ: toh aap ghar se kaam kar rahe ho kya
Me: Nahi sir, Advocate hu mai.
XYZ: ha but ghar se yeh sab kar rahe ho na?
Me: Nahi sir, practicing advocate hu and abhi court meh hu, Order ka wait kar rahi hu toh apne saare alloted calls pure kar rahi hu.
XYZ: thik hai, acha hai.

(I was offended for the second last question of Mr. XYZ but didn’t confront as i thought maybe I am overthinking about him demeaning me or everybody who works for such good cause. Or is ingrained which such thoughts that people who have no work, undertake such tasks!

I might have misunderstood him.)

That’s it!
Itta socha bus! Fir se lag gaye kaam pe!
Proud of Me!

Well!! Indeed!!! I had no experience being a case manager. But after handling cases, I love this opportunity a lot. I came across a lot of cases but one of the incidents is my favourite. I called and a small kid picked up the call like we used to do when we were kids and then hanging up of unknown number or none is speaking. His voice wass soo soo sweet. He gave the phone to his elder brother who was not so old to ba called bhaiya. He may be just 8 years old when his small one 4 years.
He: Didi aap kaun bol rahe ho?
Me: This is Yashika…and so on.
I further told him to give phone to some elder.
He: Didi, mai bhi bada ho gya hu ab.
I laughed and asked his name.
He: apko kya kaam hai, Didi
Me: Jab mumy aa jaye to tell her to call me. Or tell me
the time when she will arrive?
He: Didi, mummy mama k gahr gayi hai. Wo kal aygi.
I laughed again. I said Ok and the call ended.

It was totally a wonderful talk as it remind me of my childhood and the innocence that a child has when talking to unknown.

Hope you all enjoyed it!!!

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Exactly around this time a year ago, my college hosted a mediation week. We had one of the speakers from sama. I was 1 month into law school and that was the first time I ever heard about terms like adr odr and lok Adalats. At the end of the session they mentioned an internship opportunity for all law students as a case manager. I was surprised when i got a confirmation email some time later because usually recruiters expect some sort of prior experience and i had none whatsoever. I think this is a part of the reason why I’d intern again and again at sama, they don’t care if you’ve got prior experience or tick that box or anything just your commitment towards helping people get access to justice in a very convenient way. It was indeed a very rewarding experience being responsible for end to end coordination between parties, shadowing the judge and witnessing the means and language they use to get a win win situation. Sometimes the parties used to call after a case was settled and would say how grateful they were for everything which was honestly such an overwhelming feeling. I was also extremely fortunate to get really patient core managers who were always available and made it all seamless. This is not to say that I didn’t have a fair share of my bad days (so to say) to but the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

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My journey as a case manager at SAMA was amazing, it is mixed of everything like lots of work, fun, laughter, some irritating moments, little frustration when the conversation didn’t get well with the client but it all turned into lots of memories and most importantly in great learning.
I have many incidents to share but while typing it, the most memorable, a little weird plus comedic share of this journey was when I called a client for his loan-related case.
First, he refused to admit that he was the same person whom I wanted to talk to, then he started talking in Marathi then, I requested him to speak in Hindi also when I start explaining to him that somebody filed a case against him for the loan he took bud didn’t pay till yet, initially, he denying and then out of know where he started scolding me and said we’ll shoot you if you again called us and immediately I cut the call because I was scared, in my mind I’m like what’s happening I just deliver the information which I get through the authorities. Then he called me again and asked me to repeat what I just said so, I continue to talk to him in a very polite manner and explained to him the whole thing, and lately, he understood it and also admitted that he misunderstood it in the beginning and turned his tone into politeness, suddenly started me telling his whole story related to the case.
So, the summary of this share is, in the beginning, I’m too scared because no offense, at first he sounded me like a goon but in the end, the whole conversation ends on a good note, and from refused to admit his name and the case ends to he consented to come to the court.

This whole journey working as a case manager turned into a great experience and learning. Very delighted and grateful for getting this opportunity also, to the people who are above us and guided me throughout the journey.
I don’t know if we’re allowed to mention the names. So, the different heads are allotted to a bunch of people whom we’re supposed to contact if we have any queries. I remembered, in the beginning, the calls are very formal from my side with the head I got but after 2 days I started sharing all my weird, funny calls, sometimes client used to cut the calls at the moment I introduced myself, I know it is bit funny but this is what usually happened with me, most of the time clients used to scold me that why you keep calling us do not call us from now onwards, also, when we used to get a lot of cases together like 50 in a day or once I got 100 as well, I called her and literally behave like a child that how I will complete it in a day. She listens all of them patiently and every time advised me, motivate me, and boost me to keep going and complete all the calls and the updated work on time. She is been a great support throughout the journey and always gives me a lesson to learn on every call.
So, in this share, I use this space in sharing my experience with the head I get, instead of with the client. Honestly, I acknowledged the fact that if she is not there it might be possible that I quit in between because at the same time I’m having the classes, sessional exams, the assignments, and other events at college going on.
I Hope Readers will like it.

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Hello! Everyone

Ones a upon a time a girl was searching for internship fortunately saw one platform named as sama ,but she was unaware of its process of working . Fortunately,this lucky girl is me.
On the another hand this e-lokh Adalat was something new ,so thought why not to try , at first it was very difficult and sometime those calls made me really offended ,but as the days past it was a wonderful journey ,worked as case manager in 1.0 and 2.0 as well as in 4.0 as core manager.
And trust me it was a great experience to work with such talented peoples . Thus, as we know law is all about patients and his sort of work really test your patients level as there were various kinds of people ,its seriously tough as most of us where unaware of their local language. Some people where really good and most amazing thing is at first only they where eager to know what this platform is all about. And one of the most humble thing I would like to share :
There was a couple :
Mr. A. XYZ - Mam what is this Sama e-lokh Adalat is all about ?

Me: Explained …….

Mr. A – So, mam we would like to slove it here.

Me : Ohky, I will let you know about your pre-counselling.

Exactly , before 1 day of pre-counselling
Mr.A – called….Mam we (Mr.A & Mrs. XYZ) wana withdrawn our case because we don’t want our kid to suffer from this thing.

Which has connect me soo well , they where of the humble client I have ever meet.

Me: Ohky, GREAT ! In pre- counselling there matter got settled .

During the session the couple started fighting and I remember the kid was saying in Marathi so, far I understood he was saying ‘ areee maaat laro ap log , judge ka to baat suno, ‘ it was soo adorable.

Mr.A – In the evening called for vote of thanks , where he added Mam, this platform is amazing it saved our time and working process is very smooth and rest of the people working here is really helpful, and you all are really working hard .

After 1 week , Mr.A & Mrs. XYZ called , and said they have shared there experience with other people and most of them agree to work in such platform , hences also mentioned that they have really appreciated it. Hence, invited me to visit there place ones.
And this was really a wonderful complement for all of us :innocent:

Sama e-lok adalat is all about you how you take this platform, I remember few case manager left just because they couldn’t take the pressure of work, moreover now everything is becoming digital so it is very important to have such platform , aware of various language , meeting experienced people and their guidance about silly questions is really kindfull .

Well , I would love to stay connected with Sama.

Thank you

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