Submitting a Proposal on Sama

Once you have marked a case status as Consented, the next step would be to obtain a proposal from the Respondent. Recording the proposal as a Case Update is important, but it is also important to mark the Case Update with the Proposal tag. You can do this by typing your case update, then clicking on the Proposal tag above the Case Updates Input Box.


The reason we recommend adding the Proposal tag when you submit a Proposal is that the Bank representative sees all Proposals in one space. Therefore, if a Bank Representative wishes to see all pending Proposals in one go, it becomes easier for them.

You can also submit queries for Bank Representatives and tag them with Query so that a Bank Representative can view all pending queries at once. The steps to tag an Update with Query are the same as above, except instead of the Proposal tag you must use the Query tag.

We recommend making use of these tag features as they are more likely to be responded to first from the Bank’s side.